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Local Attrations

Pnina BaGolan is blessed with a view to the Sea of ​​Galilee and is located in the heart of the nature park, at its foot is 'Nahal Hameshushim', next to the green 'Park Hayarden' and decorated with streams, close to the heart' are the 'Meshushim' (hexagonal) swimming pool, the 'officers' pool', the 'Zavitan stream' and other corners of nature and breathtaking trails. And if that's not enough, there are other attractions waiting for you: ATV, horseback riding, buggy driving, kayaking and more.

And if you want leisure or you feel like burning out energy, the Kingdom site has a Table Tennis and a professional Snooker table.

Have we already mentioned the restaurants? Oh, the restaurants, well we will not let out everything, but waiting for you in the Kingdom is a booklet rich with recommendations and discounts.

Links to local sites
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