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*Breakfast & Dinner can be ordered in
Suites for Couples

"Tal" and "Bar" Cabins:


For those kings and queens, princes and princesses, lovers of romance and magic, these units bask in the aroma of romance, and let you sink into the luxurious four-poster bed made of solid gorse wood, at its foot the atmosphere will warm up with an extra spacious Jacuzzi, with an aroma of caressing foam, decorated with mosaic. The romantic cabins also provide accommodation for children if you wish. There is a large TV screen, a fully equipped kitchenette, a professional Espresso machine and a Wine Bar with local wine and a bottle of Whiskey - For love! In the Sunset, it is the perfect time to get wrapped in the luxurious bathrobe and white slippers, go out to your private balcony that touches the edge of the pool, where the flowers & the greenery will give you peace and tranquility.

The "Tal" and "Bar" cabins praise love!

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